Name Epic Music Guitar, Poster, Radio Tube, Vinyl Auction
Type Live Webcast Auction
Date(s) 3/16/2021 - 4/11/2021
Pre-Bidding is open now. Live Bidding will start at 11am Sunday, April 11.
Preview Date/Time Online Only Preview
Checkout Date/Time Purchases will be charged to your credit card immediately after the auction is complete. Pickup is Monday, April 12 in Leslie, MI. Please read the email/text that will be sent after the auction from Shipping Saint for shipping and local pickup instructions.
Location Address Provided After Auction
Leslie, MI 49251
Buyer Premium 20% Buyer's Premium for Online Bidders
Epic Guitar and Music Related Virtual Live Auction - Online Bidding Only This will be a "virtual" live auction. Bids will be submitted online. No in person bidding. Pre-Bidding is open now. The Virtual Live Auction will begin at 11am on Sunday, April 11. For this event we have gathered an ecletic collection of guitars, music posters, vinyl record albums, effects pedals, banjos, amplifiers, and a HUGE assortement of radio and amplifier tubes. There will be no in-person bidding at our facility for this event. You will be able to listen to the auctioneer online and submit bids through our website. This is not a timed auction and there will be no countdown timer. You are encouraged to enter your bids in advance. On Sunday, April 11 we will open Lot 1 at 11am and start with the current high pre-bid and then take bids from the real-time bidders. Once bidding slows, we will declare "Last Call" and if no more bids are submitted, we will sell that lot and move on to Lot 2. You will be able to hear us on the audio feed explaining the process as we go. You don't need to listen that morning and you can enter your max bid amount at any time before April 11 and the system will bid on your behalf against the other bidders on our multiple online systems.
Auction Terms & Conditions Terms & Conditions: NOTE: MUST BE PICKED-UP AND PAID FOR BEFORE THE END OF THE STATED PICKUP TIMES!!! Please be aware that shipping has been seriously impacted by Covid-19. We will do our best to get your items shipped quickly but we have NO control over when the shipping company will deliver your items. 1. TERMS & CONDITIONS OF SALE. The following conditions of sale make up the entire terms and conditions by which items listed by Epic Auctions and Estate Sales, LLC will be sold. All bidders who participate by bidding in this auction agree to the terms and conditions of sale and are bound by same. Any notices, posted or oral, during the sale, are also part of our terms and conditions of sale agreement. Acceptance of a bidder card, bidder number, or online registration constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions. THE AUCTIONEER IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY ERRORS OF THE PURCHASER INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO THE PURCHASER BIDDING ON THE WRONG LOT. 2. PICK UP and SHIPPING: For this auction, we will handle the shipping of most smaller items in-house. For larger items you will need to contact either the Pak Mail store of Battle Creek or a shipper of your choice to arrange for shipping. Your selected shipper MUST schedule a specific time and date that they will arrive to pick up your items. We do not always staff the pickup location during regular business hours. If they fail to arrive at the scheduled time, we will charge the Buyer a $30 fee to reschedule the pickup. The shipper must be able to move, pack, load, and secure your items without assistance from our firm. We can arrange for delivery of items to the Pak Mail location in Battle Creek. We are NOT responsible for the cost of their shipping. Please contact them prior to bidding to confirm their shipping and packing costs. All shipments require insurance and signature confirmation. We do not ship items without insurance coverage for the final invoiced sales price of the item(s). Items not picked up by the buyer or shipper of their choice within 30 days will become the property of the Auction Company and no refunds will be issued. Epic charges $40/hour for packing labor, the cost of shipping supplies (new boxes, bubble wrap, paper, and packing peanuts), plus the cost of shipping. We do NOT provide shipping estimates. Once we pack items for shipment, the items will not be released until payment is made in full for all charges and fees. 3. TERMS OF PAYMENT. At the close of the lot, the high bidder will have purchased the offered lot. All sales are final upon the closing of the lot. The purchase is subject to all terms and conditions set forth herein. The purchaser assumes full responsibility thereof at the fall of the hammer. The purchaser further agrees to pay the Total Amount Due within 36 hours after closing of the lot. Title to items do not pass until payment has been made in full for the item and for all shipping fees. Buyer agrees that they will not file a charge back with their credit card company for any reason. Any and all disputes MUST be discussed directly with the auction company. 4. BUYER'S PREMIUM AND SALES TAX. All bid prices "hammer prices" ("hammer prices" means the price at which a lot is knocked down to the purchaser) will be subject to a buyer's premium of 20% payable by the purchaser. This premium is added to the purchaser's successful bid amount. 6 % MI sales tax, as required by law, will be levied to the combined "Hammer price" and the Buyer's Premium and the three together equal the total sale price. Sales tax for non-Michigan buyers may be charged their local sales tax amount and collected by the bidding platform or the auction company to be remitted to the buyer's tax jurisdiction. Buyers with Michigan Sale Tax resale licenses must send us a completed Form 3372 BEFORE the auction. We do not refund sales tax once the credit card is processed for your purchase. 5. METHOD OF PAYMENT. We accept Cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, or Wire Transfer (with advance notice). We may require some bidders to pay via wire transfer or bank issued check. 6. NON-PAYMENT. Payment will not be deemed to have been made in full until Epic Auctions and Estate Sales, LLC has collected funds for both items and shipping expenses represented by checks or in the case of bank or cashier's checks, Epic Auctions and Estate Sales, LLC has confirmed their authenticity. If Epic Auctions and Estate Sales, LLC does not receive payment in full, in good cleared funds, by the end of the stated pickup times, Epic Auctions and Estate Sales, LLC reserves the right to exercise one or more of the following measures, in addition to actions allowed by law: (a) to impose a late charge of one and a half percent (1.5%) per thirty (30) days of the total purchase price; (b) to hold the defaulting Buyer liable for the total amount due and to begin legal proceedings for its recovery together with interest, legal fees, and costs to the fullest extent permitted under applicable law; (c) to cancel the sale; (d) to resell the property publicly or privately with such terms as Epic Auctions and Estate Sales, LLC finds appropriate and hold the Buyer liable for any deficiency, cost, including handling charges, the expenses of both sales, Epic Auctions and Estate Sales, LLC's commission on both sales, all other charges due hereunder, and incidental damages; (e) to block the Buyer from participation in future auctions; (f) to take other measures Epic Auctions and Estate Sales, LLC deems fit. In addition, a defaulting Buyer will be deemed to have granted Epic Auctions and Estate Sales, LLC a security interest in, and Epic Auctions and Estate Sales, LLC may retain as collateral security for such Buyer's obligations to Epic Auctions and Estate Sales, LLC, any property in Epic Auctions and Estate Sales, LLC's possession owned by such Buyer. 7. WITHDRAWAL. Epic Auctions and Estate Sales, LLC reserves the right to withdraw any property from the auction prior to the completion of the auction sale for any reason. 8. PROTESTS, DISPUTES AND THE AUCTIONEER. Epic Auctions and Estate Sales, LLC reserves the right to reject any bid from any bidder. The highest bidder, acknowledged by the Auctioneer, will be the purchaser. The Auctioneer shall have sole and final discretion as to the disposition of any dispute including the re-offer and resale of any article in dispute. Epic Auctions and Estate Sales, LLC records will be deemed conclusive in all respects in the event there is any dispute after the sale. 9. FAILURE TO DELIVER PURCHASER'S PROPERTY. If Epic Auctions and Estate Sales, LLC is prevented by fire, theft, or any other reason from delivering any property to the purchaser, Auctioneer's liability shall be limited to the sum actually paid by the purchaser and there shall be in no event any additional incidental or consequential damages. 10. CATALOG AND OTHER DESCRIPTIONS. All statements by Epic Auctions and Estate Sales, LLC in the catalog for the property or in the condition reports, or made orally or in writing elsewhere, are statements of opinion and are not to be relied upon as statements of fact. Epic Auctions and Estate Sales, LLC attempts to catalog and photograph every lot correctly and will attempt to point out all defects but will not be responsible or liable for the correctness of the catalog, other descriptions or visual depiction of any lot. Sizes and weights are approximate. The absence of any reference to the condition, and/or Buyer's inability to see every detail of a lot in the catalog and photographs, does not imply that the lot is in perfect condition or completely free from wear and tear, imperfections or the effects of aging. Estimates of the selling price should not be relied upon as a statement of value for which the item will sell or its value for any other purpose. Neither Epic Auctions and Estate Sales, LLC nor the Seller is responsible for any errors and omissions in the catalog or any supplemental material. 11. BUYER'S RESPONSIBILITIES. You, as a prospective Buyer, are responsible for personally examining or otherwise insuring satisfaction with all lots, in which You have an interest. By placing a bid, You signify that You have examined, or otherwise insured Your own satisfaction with the lot as fully as You desire; or that You have wavied your right to an inspection and have chosen not to examine, or otherwise insure Your satisfaction. If You require absolute certainty in all areas of authenticity, condition, etc., and the results of Your examination and/or other investigation leave uncertainty in Your mind, Epic Auctions and Estate Sales, LLC recommends You have an independent expert examine the lot for You prior to bidding. 12. GUARANTEE. All property offered for sale is as is, where is. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. THERE WILL BE NO REFUNDS AND NO EXCHANGES. Epic Auctions and Estate Sale, LLC does not guarantee or make warranties, written or implied, on any lot sold. Descriptions in the catalog are an opinion. They are written as an aid to potential bidders. Epic Auctions and Estate Sales, LLC acknowledges that there may be errors in what is written. It is recommended that you personally view any item you bid on or have an acknowledged expert view the item. Statements regarding condition are opinions, not statements of fact or guarantees. Items offered for sale as described in the catalog or any bill of sale, advertisement, addendum sheet, or elsewhere as to authorship, period, culture, source, origin, measurement, quality, rarity, provenance, importance, exhibition, or physical condition are qualified statements of opinion and not representations or warranties. No employee of Epic Auctions and Estate Sales, LLC or any person purporting to act on their behalf is authorized to make, any representation or warranty, oral or written, with respect to any lot or item for sale. 13. ABSENTEE BIDDING. As a service to anyone wishing to place bids in advance of the sale Epic Auctions and Estate Sales, LLC may accept bids on behalf of potential bidders. Purchaser acknowledges that Epic Auctions and Estate Sales, LLC has a fiduciary duty to the sellers and no agency relationship is established with any bidders or purchasers. Purchaser acknowledges that Epic Auctions and Estate Sale, LLC owes no duty to disclose the ownership of any item being auctioned. Any absentee bid will be executed as if the bidder was physically present and bidding on their own behalf. Epic Auctions and Estate Sales, LLC assumes no responsibility for failure to execute any absentee bids for any reason whatsoever. All bidders wishing to leave absentee bids will be required to provide a valid credit card number, security code, billing address, and phone number. Absentee bids will be charged a Buyer's Premium of 20%. 14. RESERVE. Some lots may be offered subject to a reserve, which is a minimum price below which the auctioneer is not obligated to sell the lot. Epic Auctions and Estate Sales, LLC may, at its discretion, disclose the amount of reserve. Epic Auctions and Estate Sales, LLC may advance bids on items that are subject to reserve on behalf of the Seller. 15. TELEPHONE BIDDING. Telephone bidding may be offered on items on which you are willing to provide a $500 opening bid. In order to bid on a lot over the telephone at the time it is being sold the bidder must contact Epic Auctions and Estate Sales, LLC in advance to make arrangements. The bidder must contact Epic Auctions and Estate Sales, LLC no later than 2:00 p.m. the day preceding the sale to make arrangements to bid via telephone. A representative of Epic Auctions and Estate Sales, LLC will make every attempt to contact the bidder prior to the requested lot(s) going up for sale. Telephone bid requests may be emailed to Epic Auctions and Estate Sales, LLC assumes no responsibility for failure to execute phone bids for any reason whatsoever. Telephone bidding is not offered at every auction. Telephone bids will be charged a 20% Buyer's Premium. 16. AUCTIONEER RECOGNITION OF BIDS. During the course of the auction, the auctioneer may accept bids from live audience bidders, live online bidders, online absentee bidders, onsite absentee bidders, and telephone bidders. The auctioneer reserves the right to advance bids in whatever increment they feel is in the best interest of the seller. In the event that the auctioneer accepts a bid from another bidder that equals the highest bid offered by an online absentee bidder, the bidder that the auctioneer recognized will win the bid regardless of when the bids were submitted. We utilize multiple online bidding platforms. It is likely that multiple bidders will submit matching maximum bids. The auctioneer will decide which bidder will be awarded the lot in the event that multiple bids are submitted for the same price. 17. ABANDONED LOTS. Any item that is not paid in full and picked up by the buyer within 30 days will be considered abandoned, unless prior arrangements are made with Epic Auctions and Estate Sales, LLC. Once an item is considered abandoned, there will be no refunds given to the buyer and the item will be disposed of in any manner deemed appropriate by Epic Auctions and Estate Sales, LLC. Disposal fees may be assessed as needed. 18. DISPUTES UNDER THIS CONTRACT. Purchaser and Epic Auctions and Estate Sales, LLC agree to mediate any dispute or claim arising between them resulting from the purchaser participating in the auction or any resulting transaction, with the exception of the failure of the purchaser to make full payment of the purchaser's obligations to Epic Auctions and Estate Sales, LLC. In the event the purchaser fails to make full payment, Epic Auctions and Estate Sales, LLC may, but is not required to, proceed directly to court. Furthermore, the purchaser and Epic Auctions and Estate Sales, LLC agree that should Mediation be necessary, Mediation fees, if any, will be borne solely by the purchaser. Purchaser and Epic Auctions and Estate Sales, LLC are required under the terms and conditions of sale to enter into Mediation before arbitration or any court action. If a party commences legal action other than Mediation without giving written notice to the other party, the party so commencing the legal action will not be entitled to recover attorney's fees even if they would otherwise be allowed in the action. All mediation, arbitration and court proceedings, whether in state or federal court, shall be filed and conducted solely within Ingham County, State of Michigan, and not in any other jurisdiction. At no time will the buyer file a charge back with their credit card company. Should Mediation not settle the dispute between the parties, the purchaser and Epic Auctions and Estate Sales, LLC agree that any dispute or claim, in law or equity, resulting from the participation in the auction or any resulting transaction shall be settled in neutral binding arbitration utilizing the standards of American Arbitration Association and must be initiated and carried out in Eaton County, State of Michigan. Any bidder or purchaser agrees that the election of restricting any and all claims to Arbitration is a voluntary decision and is evidenced by the bidder or purchaser's participation in the auction. The purchaser specifically agrees to the following: I have read the terms and conditions of sale and by my participation in this sale I agree all disputes arising out of my participation will be first submitted to Mediation, and if Mediation is not successful in resolving the dispute, I then submit to neutral binding Arbitration with Epic Auctions and Estate Sales, LLC and any other entity under this contract. No lawsuit shall be filed until a person has in good faith completed all Mediation and Arbitration proceedings as required hereunder. 19. LIMITATION OF LIABILITY. EXCEPT AS EXPRESSLY PROVIDED ABOVE, ALL PROPERTY IS SOLD "AS IS" "WHERE IS". NEITHER Epic Auctions and Estate Sales, LLC OR THE CONSIGNOR MAKES ANY REPRESENTATION OR WARRANTY, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, AS TO THE TITLE, MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS OR CONDITION OF THE PROPERTY OR AS TO THE CORRECTNESS OF DESCRIPTION, GENUINENESS, ATTRIBUTION, PROVENANCE OR PERIOD OF THE PROPERTY OR AS TO WHETHER THE PURCHASER ACQUIRES ANY COPYRIGHTS OR OTHER INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS IN LOTS SOLD OR AS TO WHETHER A WORK OF ART IS SUBJECT TO THE ARTIST'S MORAL RIGHTS OR OTHER RESIDUAL RIGHTS OF THE ARTIST. ALL FIREARMS AND AMMUNITION ARE SOLD AS COLLECTOR LOTS ONLY. FITNESS TO FIRE OR OTHERWISE DISCHARGE THE ARM OR AMMUNITION IS EXPRESSLY DENIED BY Epic Auctions and Estate Sales, LLC. A COMPETENT GUNSMITH SHOULD BE CONSULTED BEFORE ATTEMPTING TO USE OR FIRE ANY FIREARM OR AMMUNITION. THE PURCHASER EXPRESSLY ACKNOWLEDGES AND AGREES THAT IN NO EVENT SHALL Epic Auctions and Estate Sales, LLC BE LIABLE FOR ANY DAMAGES INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION ANY COMPENSATORY, INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES. --------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------ Terms Of Use

Seller User Terms

Bidder User Terms
Your bid must adhere to the bid increment schedule.
Bid Amount Bid Increment
0.00 - 49.00 5.00 USD
49.01 - 199.00 10.00 USD
199.01 - 499.00 25.00 USD
499.01 - 999.00 50.00 USD
999.01 - 2,499.00 100.00 USD
2,499.01 - 4,999.00 250.00 USD
4,999.01 - 9,999.00 500.00 USD
9,999.01 - 19,999.00 1,000.00 USD
19,999.01 - 49,999.00 2,500.00 USD
49,999.01 - 99,999.00 5,000.00 USD
99,999.01 - 9,999,999.99 10,000.00 USD
Currency USD
Buyer Premium 20% Buyer's Premium for Online Bidders
Payment Terms
Winning bidders will be invoiced after the auction is complete. New bidders may be required to pay via wire transfer or bank issued check.
We are using a new pickup and shipping management system called Shipping Saint. Soon after the auction, you will get an email and text message from Shipping Saint asking you to confirm if you want to have your items shipped or held for local pickup. If you choose Local Pickup, you will then click the link to Signup Genius to select your time slot to pick up your items in Leslie. Local Pickup: Pick-up will be: Monday, April 12 by appointment only. in Leslie, MI. Shipping: We can ship most of this auction in house. Some items are local pickup only. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for more information on our shipping policies.